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Apple and chilli jelly



4 lbs apples

3 pints of water


65g jalapeno chillies

Wash the apples and chop up - peels cores and all and put in  saucepan with the water.  Bring to the boil then simmer for at least an hour - until its all mushy.  Strain using a jelly cloth overnight.


The next day, measure the volume of juice and add the same volume of white sugar.  Cut open the chillies, and remove the white pith.  Put the seeds and the finely diced flesh in the pan.  Heat gently until the sugar is dissolved,then boil steadily until setting point is reached  - 104C on my jam thermometer.   Meanwhile sterilise the jars.


Once setting point has been reached, let the pan stand until the mixture just begins to look a little thick, or your nerves can’t take it anymore, then jar in the normal way (this standing period allows the chillies to be evenly distributed rather than float to the surface.