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Blackberry and apple meringue pie


6 oz flour

3 oz butter

1 lb peeled cored bramley apples

4 oz blackberries

Dash water

3 eggs

6 oz sugar plus extra to sweeten to taste


Cook the sliced apple and water until the apple is a puree.

Make the pastry with the flour and butter and use it to line a pie dish.  Bake blind at 190C (150 C fan) for  twenty minutes.

Add the blackberries to the apple and cook until a pulp.

Sweeten to taste.

Separate the eggs, and beat the yolks into the apple mixture, then spread into the pastry base.

Beat the whites until stiff peaks, then gradually beat in the sugar.

Spread over the pie, making peaks and swirls, then bake at 150 c (120 fan), until the topping is cooked and lighly brown.