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courgette bhajis


3 3 or 4 courgettes

1 tsp black onion seed

1 tsp ground cumin

½ tsp ground coriander

1 tsp salt

gram flour

oil for frying


For this I use 3 courgettes - but I probably pick slightly bigger than shop size.


Grate the courgettes using a food processor.  Tip everything out, liquid and all, into a bowl and fish out any bits that did not get grated and slice them up.


Now stir in the spices and salt, and mix well.


Add gram flour and stir, and keep adding more gram flour until everything comes together as a sort of ball, and is fairly stiff.  How much gram flour depends on how juicy the courgettes are!


Heat oil in a frying pan or wok, and when the oil is hot enough (test with a shred of courgette - it should sizzle instantly), drop small amounts carefully in - about a dessert spoon is enough  - much more and it wont cook in the middle.  I use my hands for this.


As soon as they browned on one side, turn and fry until cooked on both sides. Lift out and drain on kitchen paper, whilst you cook the rest.


Serve with a cucumber raita or as a accompaniment to a curry.