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confit of gizzards



Gizzards - duck, chicken, turkey


The duck fat and marinade mix left over from making confit duck


Gizzards seem to be a waste product to most people, but having had a delicious salad with confit de gesiers in France, I knew they were worth saving.  If cooked quickly they have a crunchy texture, which I am not keen on, but slow confit style cooking is the way forward.


To prepare the gizzards, cut in half and empty the contents, and peel away the skin.  Practice good hand hygiene after doing this.  The prepped gizzards can be frozen until you have a heap to confit.


Before cooking, cut up the gizzards into small pieces, discarding any fat.  Cook in the fat and marinade mixture left over from confiting duck, or alternatively, make a half batch of marinade and marinade overnight, but rinse before covering in fresh duck fat, making sure the gizzard pieces are well covered with fat.


Cook long and slowly at about 130C for several hours, until a piece of gizzard has the texture of liver.


To serve: drain the gizzards then fry gently until hot and slightly browned.  Mix with a leafy salad and a garlic vinaigrette dressing.